Whitby Attractions

There are many attractions in and around Whitby that draw visitors to our relatively unspoilt town. We give details below of just a few of the main ones.

St. Mary’s Church

Having climbed the 199 steps you enter the grave yard of St. Mary’s Church, with its breathtaking views of the coastline. At the top of the steps is Caedmon’s Cross, a 19th Century memorial dedicated to the earliest known English poet. The Church has been here in some form for about 900 years. The Georgian interior with galleries, box pews, triple decked pulpit and silver candelabra has been unaltered.

Whitby Abbey     http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/whitby-abbey/

Whitby Abbey is an iconic gothic ruin that sits on the East Cliff above Whitby.  It was founded in 657AD by Oswy the Anglo Saxon King of Northumbia and is dedicated to St Hilda, after the first Abbess, Lady Hilda. Famous and first known poet, Cædmon, was attached to Whitby Abbey during the abbacy of St Hilda.

It is worth climbing the 199 steps to the abbey to enjoy superb views of Whitby Harbour, the Esk Valley and the beautiful Yorkshire coastline. Whitby Abbey was the inspiration for Bram Stoker to write the novel Dracula.

Captain Cook Memorial Museum      http://www.cookmuseumwhitby.co.uk/

The museum is located on Grape Lane and is in the house that belonged to the WHitby ship owner Captain John Walker who James Cook served for 9 years.

Cook explored the East Coast of Australia, charted New Zealand, was the first to cross the Antarctic Circle and the first to circumnavigate the globe in both directions – he was world famous in his lifetime and a legend after his death.

The Museum illustrates his life with a mass of material, original letters in Cook’s hand, letters about disputes in London, paintings and Pacific artifacts from the Voyages, ship models and maps, taking the visitor from the beginning of Cook’s sea-going career to his death in Hawaii.

Pannett Park     http://www.pannettpark.co.uk/

Pannett Park is a haven of peace and tranquility just a few minutes walk from Whitby town centre.

Whitby Museum and Art Gallery    https://whitbymuseum.org.uk/

Whitby Museum, founded in 1823, is an independent Museum containing the most varied set of collections of any Museum in NE Yorkshire.

Collections include spectacular fossil marine reptiles, jet, Capt. James Cook and William Scoresby (whaling & scientific instruments) exhibits, many model ships, natural history, archaeology, bygones, costumes, toys and dolls, ethnography, samplers, ceramics, militaria, coins and medals, as well as the famed ‘Hand of Glory’ and much more.

Whitby Pavilion Complex    http://www.whitbypavilion.co.uk/

Whitby Pavilion Complex has a theatre with an atmospheric Victorian interior which also doubles up as a cinema and a modern dance and concert hall and plays host to a number of arts and leisure activities. Stage shows, dances, major festivals/concerts, fund-raising and children’s events, exhibitions and conferences, not to mention a whole range of private functions, meetings and community events.