Car Parking in Whitby

On Street Parking

There are parking bays along Crescent Avenue and surrounding streets.
You will need a scratch card, which allows up to 4 days, or a parking disk which allows up to 3 hours, to park in parking bays designated by a W in the top corner of the sign. Please note that a stay of 4 or more nights will require 2 scratch cards.
A scratch card does not guarantee you a parking space if you move your car during your stay.
Scratch cards currently cost £2.00 for 4 days and are only available from us.

Blue disabled parking permits are valid in these parking bays. They are not valid in pay and display car parks.

North Promenade, overlooking the sea, is now a pay & display parking zone.

On arrival you will need to follow this procedure:

Please note our check in times are as follows:

Early check in between 12pm and 2pm
Late check in between 4pm and 6pm
Check in at other times can only be guaranteed if we have verbally agreed to it beforehand. Please call us on 01947 600022 to discuss.

  • As advised by Scarborough Borough Council. Park your car and one person stay with the car while the other calls to obtain a scratch card. No longer than 5 minutes.
  • Indicate on the scratch card the first day of the parking period only. If you scratch off any other days you will receive a parking fine.
    You can use additional scratch cards if you are staying for more than 4 days.
  • Check in.

Alternative to on street parking

We have an agreement with the school immediately behind our guest house for our guests to park in their grounds at weekends and school holidays for a contribution of £2 per night. All monies go to school funds and our guests have contributed over £600 in 2016.

The advantage of parking in the school is that you have a guaranteed parking space for the time of your stay, which allows you to visit the surrounding area if you wish.

Parking at weekends during term time is available from 4pm on Friday and all cars must be removed by 7am on Monday morning.